Commercial Audit

Does your corporate identity say “reassuringly traditional” while your reception actually says “shabby and staid”? Or does your web-site project a cutting edge image while your boardroom screams bland ubiquity? Take a good look as all too often there is a complete dislocation between the identity being presented via the usual marketing strategies and what greets a client when they step across the threshold. The interiors jar with the company’s own perception of what it represents and the image it wishes to project rather than being a vital element in a co-ordinated strategy.

Our dedicated Interior Audit service includes an initial on-site appraisal followed by a detailed diagnosis and comprehensive presentation. Depending on the nature of the project this may include spatial planning; colour schemes; furniture specification. In fact all relevant aspects of commercial interior design. To ensure an effective, holistic approach we are happy to co-ordinate with appointed marketing teams or to introduce our own expert design associates in specialist areas such as graphic design and website development – simply get in touch to find out more or to make an appointment.